Israel is Moral

Do you support Israel? It is in the right.

October 7 2023 was a wake up call for me. The atrocities that happened are almost unimaginable, aside from the fact that it was purposely documented and filmed. It wasn’t surprising that Hamas did this. They are a genocidal death cult that has been threatening this since their creation. All of Israel’s enemies fall into this category.

The shocking and unexpected part of me was the aftermath in the West. The anti-Israel ‘protests’ in the streets of major cities before Israel even responded. Pro-Hamas supporters handing out candy to celebrate. And the worst - tearing down of hostage pictures in modern secular Western cities. Something is seriously wrong here. We have a modern Western democracy with freedom and rights in the middle east, yet we have people celebrating the atrocities of an Islamic deathcult. People siding with the forces of genocide and despotic rule over that of a modern free country. Something is seriously wrong.

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