Israel has the Right to Exist

This topic has been talked about repeatedly, but mainly from the premise of indigenous/colonizer speak. I don’t subscribe to the idea that there is some long term collective racial ownership of a chunk of Earth - especially one that is predicated on just happening to have some ancestor that existed on that land at one point. As far as human history goes, migration from a small area of the world to the entire planet has been the history of humans.

There is plenty of talk on the subject. I think the history is pretty straight forward, but I have different thoughts on this.

Israel Exists

It needs to be said. Israel exists. I often here the common retort, I’m not talking about Jews, I’m talking about Zionists. Well, Zionism, the Jewish statehood movement, is complete. The objective of the movement was achieved many decades ago. There’s not a Zionist movement today because Israel was created already.

Today, the proponents that would call themselves Zionists, are people who believe Israel should continue to exist. Opponents to this idea think Israel should be ended. There are a variety of definitions of what ended means in this case; expulsion of Jews, a new apartheid governing body to marginalize Jews, or just the flat out destruction of the Jewish people.

What is being built?

Statehood isn’t a right. What is being built is inevitably what determines the right of statehood.

Hamas, the ruling government within Gaza, has shown us all what they’re building. A state of Islamic totalitarian theocracy. A state with no freedom. A state in a constant holy war. A state with the intent of genocide.

Fatah, the ruling government within the West Bank, has shown us all what they’re building. A state of Islamic totalitarian theocracy. A state of no freedom. A state in a constant holy war. A state with the intent of eliminating Israel.

No need to go beyond this and talk of exporting terrorism.

Israel has shown the world exactly what it is building. A state with a democractic process and the belief in individual rights. A state with freedom, like freedom of speech and property rights. A state with modern industry, technology and entrepreneurship. A state with world class art, music, literature and entertainment. A state with due process and equality under the law.

What is the main takeaway from this? Israel is building something good. They’re building something that leads to human flourishing. Hamas, Fatah, Iran, Syria, etc are building something bad. They’re building something that leads to human suffering, poverty, and death.

Israel is Building Something Good Here

Israel, and the Jews prior to its creation, have built something good out of a small piece of desert and swamp lands. It has shown the world again that enlightenment values lead to prosperity, success, and better lives for people.

On the other side, we have illegitimate groups and states that are out to destroy this piece of good in the Middle East. These groups and states only care about their theological ends. Theological ends that are systemically filled with a hatred of Jews.

Israel has the right to exist because it’s building something good. It’s making the world a better place. Israel truly is the candle in a very dark Middle East.

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